April 11, 2016 SUNA Meeting Minutes

South University Neighborhood Association
Executive Board Meeting April 11, 2016

Attending: Laura Illig, Marsha Shankman, Kari Parsons, Malcolm Wilson, Carolyn Jacobs, Bill Aspegren, Nancy Meyer, Tim Shinabarger, Connie Van Flandern. Guests: Karen Hyatt, University of Oregon Office of Community and Government Relations

Meeting Minutes: Marsha moved and Kari seconded to approve meeting minutes from March 2, 2016 board meeting. Approved by consensus.

Treasurerʼs Report: Members discussed a short list of expenses in context of possibility for reimbursement by City of Eugene Neighborhood Program. Marsha, current board treasurer, reported the association currently has $171.18 in the bank.

UO Update — Karen: Spring Day of Service for UO students is April 23rd. Theyʼre doing a tree planting project in West and South University Neighborhoods. Karen asked for feedback on the opening of the Jane Sanders Softball Stadium. Kari said people are parking in the neighborhood as far in as 23rd Avenue for the games.

Party Reports — Malcolm asked if thing are quieter in the neighborhood than in past years. Laura said theyʼd had to break up a drunken student party in SUN near 20th Avenue. She said she heard the complaint from some of the students that they had a right to party because they were “on campus”. Kari said she would like to see a rider in rental agreements in SUN that says you are entering an owner-occupied multi- generational neighborhood. Karen said she wanted to remind people that the student code of conduct now applies off-campus.

Little Free Libraries: The new LFL at Edison School will be unveiled by Bill and fellow LFL construction artisan Al Couper on Thursday, May 5 at 2:45 pm.

University Park Update — Connie said board members and neighbors are invited to drop in on any classes of the University Park Studio taught by UO Landscape Architecture Professor Ron Lovinger. She said the important day is May 2nd, when the students make their class presentations. Time and place Monday, May 2nd at 1 pm, 231 Lawrence Hall.

Next Door South University: Connie said the number of SUN residents using the site as a communication forum continues to increase.

May General Meeting: Nancy said she asked City of Eugene parking program specialist Jeff Petrie to speak about ideas for handling parking in SUN during the Olympic Trials. Kari said Edison Elementary School Principal Tom Horn has agreed to speak regarding next steps in the Edison remodel. Nancy suggested inviting new near-neighbors J-Tea and Sweet Life Patisserie to speak about their businesses opening up on East 19th Avenue. Connie and Kari volunteered to contact the business owners. Board will send out a post card to members announcing the meeting; the post card will have the
address for the SUNA Web site. It was agreed that current board members who are running for re-election to the SUNA Executive Board would submit autobiographical sketches to Connie by April 20th. Connie said she would post candidate bios on the SUNA site before the official board elections held during the May 18th general meeting. This information will be referenced in the postcard mailing regarding the general meeting. Nancy aired a previous suggestion that the spring general meeting include a plant exchange.

Summer SUNA Gathering: It was proposed that SUNA hold a summer gathering/ meeting on August 6th at University Park to coordinate with the City of Eugene movie night in the park that same evening. The board might be sending out ʻsave the dateʼ postcards prior to the expiration of city funding on June 30.

May Board Meeting: Monday, May 9th, Edison School Teachersʼ Lounge