February 8, 2016 SUNA Meeting Minutes

  • Minutes of SUNA Board Meeting of February 8, 2016
    Board members present: Nancy Meyer, Bill Aspegren, Kari Parsons, Laura Illig,
    Constance Van Flandern, Pamela Miller
    Guests: Karen Hyatt, U of O
    University Updates; Karen Hyatt:
    Karen provided information concerning the sound and lighting systems at the new Jane
    Sanders Stadium. The sound system has been designed to minimize sound intrusion
    beyond the northern boundary of 18
    street. Additionally, each speaker’s volume and
    aiming angle can be adjusted individually, to tweak the system should the sound level
    prove unsatisfactory to neighbors. A descriptive handout was provided.
    RE: lighting. There will be 6 lights in all, all of which are directed toward the field as per
    City code, which does not permit facility lighting to bleed past the property line.
    The Board asked Karen to thank Stadium project staff for providing this report of its
    response to the concerns expressed by SUNA members.
    Hayward Field Renovation: An open house is still planned, likely the last week in
    February. Results of traffic analysis will be presented, as well as other updates. Karen
    suggests that the Board submit input regarding sound level concerns on the Foundation
    website (there is a page for this). Nancy will draft a letter, and circulate it to the Board.
    Treasurer’s Report: $110.51 in account at present.
    Annual Neighborhood Report: Nancy has completed this tome; a hard copy was available
    for members to review. Requirements were more extensive than those of the past several
    years. Thank you, Nancy!
    Laura expressed concern that response to calls about loud parties is slower this year, often
    such that the party is over by the time officers arrive. She is concerned that this will
    impede the I. D. of ‘problem’/repeat offender properties. Karen suggested also emailing
    goodneighbor@oregon.edu, so that she can do some follow up also.
    A version of the loud/disorderly party call summaries that Kelly developed has been re-
    instituted; if Malcolm is not yet on the distribution list for it, Karen will follow up to
    ensure that he is added.
    March 2
    General Meeting Planning:
    The agenda was refined. Board members needed for room set-up at 6:30; presenters can
    set up at 6:45. Board members who attend are asked to bring nibbles or a beverage (cold
    beverages only).
    Connie will have the Park Survey at the SUNA table, as well as a survey asking for topics
    folks would like to see addressed at future general meetings.
    Board Nominations: need to determine whose terms are up this time around, whether they
    plan to run again.
  • May General Meeting: tentative date set for May 18
    . Potential topic: planning for Sept.
    Sunday Streets, which will include South University Neighborhood.
    Edison Little Free Library: Kari reported that the Edison Penny Drive earned $113.09!
    Bill reported on recent Campus Partners meeting. Ongoing livability issues were
    addressed (e.g. sofas and other trash left on lawns during move-out; cars parking on
    lawns, trash cans in street, etc.). An ad-hoc group may meet to problem solve.
    The street sign problem was also discussed. City’s response is to replace missing signs
    after school is out, so that they will not be stolen before the Track meet season. Pamela
    would like to see a problem solving group formed to seek a permanent solution, between
    City, neighborhoods, University, and perhaps track interests. Connie will do a follow up
    street sign survey in March or April (6 mo after initial one) to provide data.
    Next Board Meeting: Monday, March 14th