March 14, 2016 SUNA Meeting Minutes

South University Neighborhood Association
Executive Board Meeting March 14, 2016
Attending: Bill Aspegren, Carolyn Jacobs, Kari Parsons, Tim Shinabarger, Nancy Meyer, Marsha Shankman, Rebekah Hanley. Guest, Karen Hyatt, University of Oregon director of local, community and government relations
UO Report — Karen: The UO held an open meeting for neighbors to discuss the ongoing UO Campus Framework Vision Plan. Highlights of the meeting: The U has all the land it needs to grow to 34,000 students; therefore, it doesnʼt need to grow north of the railroad tracks. Kari requested the Web address for the Plan be included in the meeting minutes. The address is:
UO Report – continued: Karen said the UO held the previously announced meeting to discuss the Hayward Field renovation.
UO Report – continued: Karen said theyʼre noting an uptick of partying in the neighborhoods (near campus). Marsha said a neighbor had to call police because people were banging on their door at 5 a.m. She said the police said people get disoriented because they get so drunk.
UO Report – continued: Karen said the UO Student Day of Service is coming up April 23rd. Carolyn suggested a project at Edison Elementary School. Karen said last year they did work on the Edison garden.
Treasurerʼs Report-Marsha: Treasury is at $218.61. Thanks to Kari for the penny drive. Marsha noted that she will be transitioning away from the treasurer position and someone needs to fill it.
NextDoor & University Park Survey Updates–Nancy: In order to review the survey results let alone continue the time period for people to complete the surveys, itʼs necessary to pay to maintain access to the surveys for another month. Tim moved and Rebekah seconded to continue access to Survey Monkey for another month at the monthly cost of $26. Board approval by consensus.
General Membership Meeting Review– Marsha noted that 17 SUNA members, eight board members, and three guests attended the March 2nd General Meeting. During his presentation at the meeting about his course on preparing a parks plan specific to University Park, UO Landscape Architecture Professor Ron Lovinger invited SUN residents to attend student presentations at mid-term reviews on May 2nd (May 2, 1 p.m., UO Lawrence Hall, Room 231). Nancy said as many people as can go should attend. Regarding how to improve future general meetings, she said Connie suggested asking people what would get them to attend. The board agreed to hold the summer general meeting at University Park in August, date and event to be determined.
Board membership: Discussion of recruiting individuals to replace current board members who will step aside in May. Kari moved to appoint Bill as new treasurer to replace Marsha. Nancy seconded; board approval unanimous. Replacement for secretary position still to be determined.
Parking for Olympic Trials- Carolyn and Bill met with Eugene parking coordinator Jeff Petrie; Jeff suggested the city parking program could issue 10-day permits to park in the neighborhood during the Olympic Trials. Jeff originally suggested Fairmount be included, but Fairmount neighbors didnʼt want it. What would come back to SUN would be from $25,000 to $40,000 attached to parks or other existing city programs. Carolyn said she wouldnʼt agree unless all the missing street signs are in place before the Trials start. Bill said before the event the city will re-do yellow curb painting up to within 3 feet of driveways; during the Olympic Trials events, parking ticket fines would double. Kari said people involved with the Trials will be here two days before the Trials happen; she suggested making it $300 for 12 days of parking. Carolyn said she told Jeff Petrie the SUNA Board doesnʼt have the right to make that decision for the neighborhood; she suggested there should be some kind of survey. Nancy suggested the city could put a postcard out to neighbors asking for input. Rebekah called for specifics on how much money would come back to the neighborhood/University Park. Carolyn will be in touch with Jeff within the week.
Historic Building Committee membership opening: Discussion of asking neighbors if they want to serve on the committee. Kari was to announce the opening at the Edison School Parents Council meeting.
Summer Movies at the Park: Bill met with city staff. He told staff the neighborhood is happy to have the movies shown at University Park. Kari said she attended one of the showings last year and it was really well attended but the movie was too long for small children.
Nuisance Update– Bill said the city first wanted to require on-site management in apartment buildings, then city staff concluded rental houses create more nuisance calls than do apartment buildings. The council handed it off to city staff to prepare a motion regarding nuisance houses. Bill requested a meeting with city staff and was waiting to hear back.
Edison Updates — Kari said the 4J School Districtʼs Edison bond would be on the ballot in 2019 when another bond sunsets. This would replace the existing bond. She said 4J Supt. Balderas would support renovating Edison — as opposed to tearing it down and building new — if thatʼs what the community wants and is willing to support financially. Supt. Balderas suggested the school board appropriate money to do planning for Edison improvements this summer in advance of the 2019 bond.
Spring general Meeting – Still tentatively set for May 18. Topics to include University Park, neighborhood parking, SUNA board elections, Edison School and the school bond. Other possible topics: Friends of the Farmers Market (not specific to this neighborhood); welcoming Sweet Life to its new location (technically not in SUN). It will be necessary to issue a newsletter before the May meeting to include board candidate profiles; other topics for the newsletter may be Little Free Libraries and University Park.
Next Board Meeting: April 11.