All about Petanque in University Park

IMG_7489Come join the Eugene Petanque International Club for a game.
Drop in players are always welcome and equipment and instructions are available during regular practice at University Park.

Winter Hours: Sunday 1pm-4pm  Wednesday 1pm-4pm
Summer Hours: Sunday 10am-1pm  Wednesday: 3pm-6pm

What is Petanque?
Petanque is a game that originated in Provence, France around 1910.

How is it pronounced?

How to Play:

  1. Usually played by 2 teams of 2 players with each person playing 3 boules, or 2 teams of 3 players with each person playing 2 boules.
  2. The larger metal balls are called boules (french) and the small target ball is called the cocoon or “little pig”.
  3. All players must play from the same circle drawn on the ground. Their feet must be in the circle and touching the ground.
  4. a coin toss decides who goes first. the first team tosses the cochon in any direction about 20-33 feet. It must land a yard from any obstacle.
  5. That team then plays the first boule trying to get it as close to the cochon as possible.  The boule closest to the cocoon at the end of the round will get a point.
  6. The other team then tries to get their boule closer and so “take the point”.
  7. The team that doesn’t have the point must play until either their boule is the closest or they run out of boules. Then the other team must do the same. at some point either team may choose to try knocking away the boule that is holding the point. This is called “shooting”.
  8. Play continues like this until all the boules have been played. The points are counted. The team with the boule closest to the cochon gets one point for each of its boules that is closer to the jack than the closest boule of the other team. The team that scores starts the next round by drawing a new cycle where the cochon lies.
  9. The game is played until one team reaches 13 points.

For more info contact the Eugene Petanque Club


or the USA Petanque Federation