Researching the History of Your Home

Want to find out more about the history of your house? Check these resources:

Lane County Courthouse

Sanborn fire insurance maps help you find your home’s address over the years (sometimes the numbering system changed; your current address may not be your home’s original address).

Property deed records help you trace the history of your home once you know your address and lot number.

Eugene Public Library

Second Floor Reference Area 
Lane County telephone directories: these date back to the early 1920s and include reverse listings by address.

Second Floor 
Microfiche copies of newspapers for the obituaries of people who lived in your home.


An inventory of area homes was made as part of the South University Historic District nomination. Basic information includes year of construction, architectural style, previous owners and alterations to property. An earlier inventory of homes on Potter and University streets, including oral histories, is available, too. To access these sources, message us on the SUNA Facebook page.