Need to report illegal activity by UO students?

It’s not common but it happens and it’s best to know where to turn if you need to report a crime or illegal activity by students attending the UO.

The UO Dean of Students has put together a brochure  to help homeowners and UO students coexist peacefully in the historic neighborhoods that surround the University of Oregon campus. Most of the time common sense and respect are the ingredients most effective in keeping happy relationships.However, every year there are student rental houses in which the residents disregard the feeling of their neighbors–and sometimes even the law. There are channels to report such behavior so that the University can take disciplinary action.

• Make a police report with the Eugene Police

• Email the Dean of Students at

• include the address, time and activity in your report. Also add names if you have them and include if you reported the incident or behavior to the Eugene Police Department

• If you have an on going problem with a disrespectful “party house” or other situation requiring mediation, please contact the Community Mediation Services (541) 344-5366