Crime & Safety: How to report a problem

If you file a noise complaint with the police, please follow through and let them know you are willing to press charges or they will not send an officer out.
Report all student involved incidents to the University of Oregon “good neighbor” hotline within 24 hours of the incident. Email:

  1. Eugene Police Non-Emergency Number: (541) 682-5111
  2. Directory of Absentee SUNA landlord Contacts
  3. For standard parking complaints (parking over sidewalks; parking in yellow zones): (541) 682-5729  
  4. For parking on lawns.  This is a land use issue.  Phone (541) 682-5819 for recorded instructions.
  5.  Dean of Students at Include the address, time and activity in your report. Add names if you have them and include if you reported the incident or behavior to the Eugene Police Department. Please do report the incident to the University of Oregon “good neighbor” hotline within 24 hours of the incident
  6. For loud or disrespectful continuous “party house” or other situation requiring mediation, please contact the Community Mediation Services (541) 344-5366

Please, get to know your student neighbors before bad things happen!

Engaging with your student neighbors in a constructive way, as soon as they move in, is the most successful way to encourage neighborly behavior. Many students are surprised when neighbors complain because they have never met the people living in the houses around them. The student may not realize that their neighbors hear or see them as they are beyond the students scope of focus. Introduce yourself. Exchange basic information (names and contact info). Welcome student neighbors. Acknowledge their rights and set expectations and encourage good communication and responsible behavior. Neighbors who do this before a problem arises report significant reductions in inappropriate behavior over the time of student tenure.

Unfortunately, there are occasions where neighbors should step back from personal involvement and call law enforcement.

If inappropriate behavior is in progress and you suspect that University of Oregon students are involved, call the Eugene Police Department ( 911 emergency, 682-5111  non-emergency).

If illegal activity is suspected (excessive noise, underage drinking, drug use, trespassing, illegal parking, etc.), call EPD, even if you think the issue isn’t large enough to get their immediate attention. A report gets the incident on the record and EPD can track patterns.

Again, please report incidents to the University of Oregon “good neighbor” hotline within 24 hours of the incident by emailing Make a report even if you don’t know for sure that UO students are involved and even if you don’t know any names. Include:

• Short description of incident
• Time of incident
• Location/address(es) of incident
• Names of any students involved if you have them
•  Any contact you had with students or landlords before, during or after incident
• Please include if EPD was called.


1) The Office of Student Life, Department of Public Safety, and Community Relations will receive and track this information. Document incidences and track patterns.

2) The UO is committed to addressing issues of inappropriate student behavior and improving relationships in campus neighborhoods. They support the building of positive relationships between long term residents and student neighbors.

For more information or to share comments, contact the following staff:

UO Department of Public Safety: (541) 346-7115  Doug Tripp, Carolyn McDermed

UO Office of Student Life: (541) 346-3216   Paul Shang, Sheryl Eyster

UO Office of Government and Community Relations: (541) 346-5351   Greg Rikhoff, Karen Hyatt