Walking Tour

Every house and building in the neighborhood has a story to tell. Many of Eugene’s most beloved characters and luminaries have lived and raised families in these homes.

This walking tour through the streets of SUNA is a great way to connect with our neighbors, past and present. Print out the map or take it with you on your smart phone. Be sure to say hello to neighbors your meet along the way, maybe you’ll learn more than the stories outlined here.


1.  Edison School  1328 East 22nd
2.  Clarence V. Boyer House  1138 East 22nd
3.  Thurston Hall & Humbert Hall 2288 & 2244 Alder
4.  James Scott McMurray House 930 East 21st
5.  E.D. Southmayd House 2089 Potter
6.  Potter & University Streetscapes
7.  Old Delta Tau Delta Fraternity 1883 University
8.  Street Car Tracks
9.  Carl Smith House 2015 Unversity
10. J.F. & Susy Gerot House 2114 University
11.  Ray & Mary Glass House 1256 East 21st
12.  Classic Craftsman: 2077 Onyx
13.  Washburne Park East side of Agate Street
14.  William B. Baker House 2175 Agate


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