An Architect’s View South University Historic District

Congratulations on reaching the final step in becoming a historic district. I hope each of you assumes a sense of “stewardship” concerning your home. Besides your initial investment, you probably realize there are other on-going expenses involving maintenance. Roofs and window systems eventually fail, deterioration occurs and must be remedied. 

Because older homes don’t meet the needs of contemporary life very well, remodeling is often considered. Owners should care that an alteration will not lessen the worth of their property by being non-compatible in some way. Except for repair, almost all construction will require review by the City of Eugene for building code compliance. Because of the historic designation, the proposal will also be reviewed for its impact on the neighborhood.

My recommendation is that a home-owner planning alterations employ an architect or designer with experience in remodeling existing structures. Roof pitches should match existing slopes, and massing, windows, materials and detailing should be similar to existing. Building set-backs should also be respected. These are the issues of concern. The City will have no interest in interior style.

I have enjoyed being part of the East Skinner Butte Historic Neighborhood. I hope you will take pride in yours.

Carolyn Kranzler, Architect AIA

For many years, architect Carolyn Kranzler has designed and supervised remodels and alterations in the proposed South University Historic District.

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