Dog and Cat Rules

Although many SUNA residents walk their dogs to University Park at 23rd St. and University Ave., we do not as of yet have an official off leash park inside SUNA boundries. Please keep in mind the following rules when caring for your pet:

Parks Policies, City of Eugene

(1) No pet shall be left unattended and unsupervised in a City park or open space area.

(2) Dogs are prohibited in park and open space areas posted as no dog areas.

(3) A dog brought into or kept in all other park and open space areas shall be on a leash not more than 8 feet in length, or confined in a vehicle, and must be kept under control at all times.

(4) No dog may deposit solid waste matter on an park or open space property unless the dog’s owner immediately removes the solid waste.

(5) A dog’s owner is responsible for the dog’s behavior at all times while the dog is in the park or open space area.

(6) Authorized City employees may require a person in charge of an animal to undertake any measure, including the removal of the animal from the park or open space area, necessary to prevent interference by the animal with the safety, comfort, or well-being of park or open space area visitors or resources.

(7) No animal may be hitched to a tree or shrub in a manner that endangers the tree or shrub.

If a dog barks continuously for 15 minutes or more, you may contact Lane County Animal Services at 682-3647 or, if after business hours, the Eugene Police Department non-emergency number at 682-5111.

Please do take advantage of the many nearby leash-free runs:

Amazon Park Dog Run: 22nd-34th between Amazon Parkway and Hilyard Streets in South Eugene
Alton Baker Park Dog Run: 237 acres on both sides of the Willamette River near Ferry Street Bridge
Candlelight Park Dog Run: at Royal and Candlelight in Bethel-Danebo
Wayne Morse Ranch Dog Run: at 595 Crest Drive in South Eugene



Eugene city code dictates that there are no leash laws for cats that spend time outside. They are considered free roaming animals and are allowed to do just that throughout the city of Eugene. Neighborhood cats may freely enter your yard and will likely do so if they find your yard attractive. Although many residents welcome friendly neighborhood kitties, others find cats to be a nuisance to private gardens and property. Luckily it is fairly easy to discourage cats from entering your property and they will stick to established territories noting areas that are inhospitable to their needs. Here is an excellent website that offers some truly brilliant and cat safe solutions, especially for gardeners.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Cats, or any animals on your property, may legally be trapped. However it is illegal to transport cats to any other location than the owners home, or animal services, who will return the cat to it’s home. Transportation of a cat to any other location is against the law and it not a sustainable solution. If you prefer your garden to be cat free, adopting safe cat repelling strategies will preserve your garden, friendly neighbor status and your happiness.