Oregon’s New Marijuana Law: What’s Legal and What’s Not?

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In your own home, you may use marijuana if:
• You are 21 or older
• Your landlord permits it. Do not assume you have permission-check first!

While it may be legal to use marijuana on your property, be considerate and respectful of your neighbors. Smoke is an allergen and causes serious health problems for many people. Some people just don’t like the smell. Either way, be sure to keep your smoke to yourself for good neighbor best practices.

You can possess as much as 8 oz of marijuana in your home and carry as much as one oz. in public. No marijuana may legally be used in public.

If you own your home you may grow up to 4 plants.

You can share or give away marijuana legally, however, you can not sell or buy it until retail shops open.


• Not legal for student, faculty or staff to possess or use marijuana on UO-owned or controlled property. Staudents are subject to the Student Code of Conduct, which prohibits use, possession, sale, distribution, or cultivation of marijuana.

• Not legal in public to use marijuanna

• Not legal to transport out of state– including Washington State.

for more info: whatslegaloregon.com