SUNA Gallery of Painted Fire Hydrants

Thank you to Mimi McGrath for organizing this wonderful neighborhood project, and to the artists and their families who thoughtfully painted every hydrant in the SUN:

Sophie Thomas, Mary Ferris, Laurel Miller, Gary Kreger & Bill Aspegren, Karen Hyatt, Phyllis & Royce Saltzman, Kate McCarthy, Constance Van Flandern, Alix France, Chad and Heidi Laws, Bonnie Ruder, Tammi Santana, Tammy Young, Jen Thoennes, Carrie Connelly, Al Cooper, Julie, Polhemus, Christina Armstrong, Lisa McMaster, Rogene Manas, Emily Proudfoot, Tyan, Tauber, Denise, Sorom, Kim Warne-Edison, Christy Monson, Celiia Guillemin, Joan Bolls.